160 characters if 7-bit character encoding is used. (7-bit character encoding is suitable for encoding Latin characters like English alphabets.)

SMS marketing can help you retain your loyal existing customers in a great way by assisting in a number of things like:
1. Staying connected with them
The world is big, and products are many. It is therefore likely to happen that if you do not pay enough attention to your customers demand, chances of them switching to another product are very high.
But as long as messaging exists, you need not fret about staying connected with your customers. Be it informing the customers about a new offer or sale on a product, SMS marketing helps in staying connected with your existing customers by informing them about the latest happenings of your business.

2. Pitching the right audience at the right time
Simply informing the customers about something new is not as necessary as delivering the information at the right time is. And so is possible with the help of SMS marketing.
Transactional SMS’s in particular help in transmitting relevant information to the audience related to any important issue. Due to this, your customers would be known to every possible fact you want to convey them. And since no information would be lost, people would be bound to come back to your services year after year.

3. Implement ONLY specifically targeted campaigns
Would you like it if a certain marketer keeps spamming your inbox with messages announcing the set of offers you have to make? Wouldn’t you ignore him for better from the next time then?
One of the most effective things associated with SMS marketing is that the entire marketing campaign can be implemented on the specifically targeted audience only. And when the targeted messages will reach the existing customers, they might show interest in purchasing the product.

4. Brand affection
More than brand recognition, it is brand affection that matters the most. This is because if your customers are loyal to the particular product/service you are offering them, they will always be interested to try your services, no matter what.
And the best way to develop brand affection is to stay connected with your existing customers, which you can do by bringing SMS marketing into action.

5. Response is always desired
Text messaging is the sole way that values the response of the customers and assists in two-way communication by letting the customers participate in the conversation.
For example: if you running a promotional campaign for cold-drink, and if you desire response from the users regarding the taste of it, and which content they want to increase or decrease in the same, it can be done with the due help of SMS marketing since the customers can always give the necessary feedback through messages.

6. Choosing the time of reading the message lies up to you
The good thing about messaging is that you can always choose the time you would want your customers to read your message. When the customers come to know about what you actually want to convey, but at the time you know is convenient for them, it will build their trust in your product/service, and the retention rate would be even higher.
Who wouldn’t want to use SMS marketing as a means of reaching the customers when you know that the chances of retaining them are sky high?

You can send text messages from anywhere in the world to any country. You can also sign-in at any time and start sending text messages.

SMS messaging can be used as a marketing tool. An example is an SMS newsletter system. After signing up, the user will receive SMS text messages about the latest discounts and products of the company. If the user has any questions or comments, he/she can send a text message back with the questions or comments in it. The company may include its phone number in the SMS newsletter so that the user can talk to the customer service staff directly if he/she wants to do so.

With a mobile phone, you can send and read SMS messages at any time, no matter you are in your office, on a bus or at home.

* Instant and guaranteed delivery of messages
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* Highly accessible anytime you want it, and with a technology that is compliant with modern business needs
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SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is a technology that enables the sending and receiving of messages between mobile phones. SMS first appeared in Europe in 1992. It was included in the GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) standards right at the beginning. Later it was ported to wireless technologies like CDMA and TDMA. The GSM and SMS standards were originally developed by ETSI. ETSI is the abbreviation for European Telecommunications Standards Institute. Now the 3GPP (Third Generation Partnership Project) is responsible for the development and maintenance of the GSM and SMS standards.

WaboSMS is the authoritative Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nigeria and expert in providing Bulk SMS Messaging Solutions. We ensure you are connected with your Customers, Friends, Family, Members of your Group, Association, Organization, Mosque, Church and lots more.

WaboSMS.com cater to customers’ needs for SMS broadcast in areas such as marketing campaigns, promotional activities, special season’s greetings, political awareness/campaigns, result notifications, product advertisement and so on.

A concatenated SMS text message can contain more than 160 English characters. Concatenated SMS works like this: The sender's mobile phone breaks down a long message into smaller parts and sends each of them as a single SMS message. When these SMS messages reach the destination, the recipient mobile phone will combine them back to one long message.

Virtually every GSM phone sold in the last 5 years supports long messages.

Typically, the mobile network will hold the message, and deliver it once the phone is switched on. The maximum duration that they will hold it is dependent on the destination network. Bulk Messages are typically held for upto 48 hours or so.

The payment plans available on WaboSMS are Online Payment with any Debit Card (ATM card), Internet Banking/Transfer and Bank Deposit.
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A sender ID is a customised name you want the recipients to see when they receive your message and it should not be more than 11 characters. For example, you have received an alert from your bank with sender ID like ECOBANK, GTBank, DiamondBank, etc. Your Sender ID can be the name of your company, church or school.

Yes. Our online ATM card payment is powered by VoguePay and Interswitch.

If you successfully purchase SMS credits online with your ATM card, your account will be credited instantly.

Your account will be credited immediately after the bank posts your payment into our account. If your account is not credited 30 minutes after you make payment to the bank, please contact us.

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