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WaboSMS.com enables you to send SMS to any mobile phones worldwide, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a Desktop/Laptop/Mobile Phone with Internet connections. This easy to use web-application is perfect for enterprises, executives,association, organization and individuals who want an instant and hassle free alternative to mobile phone SMS sending.

This powerful SMS tool supports both one-to-one and bulk messages sending to thousands with just a few clicks. Purchase SMS credits online and start 'texting' your customers, patients, students and anyone with whom you need to stay in touch.

In just one click, you can send:
1.   Survey campaign with subscribers.
2.   Greetings on festive seasons.
3.   Promotions and special offers.
4.   Payment reminders and confirmations.
5.   New product and pricing updates.
6.   Meeting announcements and appointment reminders.
7.   News, bulletins and information about your company. 

Users of WaboSMS portal can be broken into two categories:
1. End User
2. Reseller

End User is just an account holder, that send single or bulk sms to anybody.

Reseller is an account holder that buy unit in bulk and resell it on his/her website or application.

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To register an account, user can click at the Create an account! link at the Member Login Area.

This link will present you the registration form. User need to fill out the necessary information and then submit it. Information that remark with asterisk (*) is compulsory. Once you completed the form, click the Register button.

Upon submission of the form, you will receive note like this

You will need to sign in to your email address and click on the link sent to you

After clicking on the activation code sent to your email, your will be redirected to a page like this

Congratulation on successfully registered on WaboSMS.com Portal.

You can now sign-in and send sms to anybody, anytime and anywhere.

When you login to WaboSMS through Member Login Area at right hand corner with your username and password.

You will see a popup like this, then click the OK button

The popup window is only trying to remind you to provide your phone number, date of birth and profile details.

Click update to submit the form.

Once you see popup window showing changes save successfully, then click on the ok button.

Congrat... Start sending your sms.


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