* FREE SMS credits upon registration.
* Unique Sender ID Available.
* All SMS are broadcasted from Priority Routes.
* Type recipient numbers in any format.
* You can Schedule SMS for later delivery.
* Our platform Remove Duplicate Numbers to save you credit.
* Upload recipient numbers from file in different formats.
* Our platform remove invalid recipient numbers to save you credit.
* Create SMS phonebook and Groups.
* Type or Upload your addresses to phonebook from different file types.
* Deposit Notification.
* View all your sent messages.
* SMS Delivery Report.
* Buy SMS Online with Any ATM Card.
* Our Average Delivery Time is LESS than 3 seconds.
* SMS processing capability: 200,000SMS per second.
* Support for extra long SMS (concatenated SMS).
* Transferring SMS Units to another member.
* Money Back Guarantee.
We are confident that we will deliver on every promise we make and excite you with our services. However, should you have a change of mind about our services, we will refund you your payment within the first 30 days of your initial sign on.

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